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The Affects of Video Games on Children

Do video games really affect the parts of a child brain? â€Å"The most widely used positive impact video games are said to have on children is that they may improve a player’s manual dexterity and computer literacy† (Norcia, Andrea 1). This is confirming that video games can help people with poor manual dexterity skills. My opinion is that adults should not blame aggression of children on specific gadgets such as video games. Video games should be amplified more now than ever and they affect kids negative by turning their focus off school. In opinion violent video games do not affect kids unless they are ignorant. Video games are very helpful despite the aggression it amplifies. My statement on this subject is that video games affect the United States children and adolescence but the people that play these video games believe people perceive the concept of gaming wrong. Do video games only affect kids that are susceptible to the function and emotions of the video game or is it the person themselves. People have perceived also that video games can have a negative effect on a kid’s social development but in my opinion believe that children function quite well socially for a people who interact with video games. Do you really believe that video games actually affect the parts of a child’s brain development? Do you think that the G. P. A of a child that plays video games is lower than one that does not? â€Å"It’s believed even though video games have advantages they play have negative effects on children† (Deepa Kartha 16) . The developments of people that play video games are as correctly intuitive as people who fraternize in different hobbies. Parents believe that it can affect a teenagers work if there to focused on the video games and not on the schoolwork. Game fanatic teenagers actually can focus more in school because it keeps there mind set of the real words ignorance in legislature. Do you believe that games affect kids or is just the video games that they play that affect them not the video games? People believe that violent video games affect the mind more than any other video game type out in the world. Classmates believe that children are more affected by games that have vulgar images in them. People develop the thought that kids are affected on their person not the action in a virtual stimulation and if that is the case time will get worse. Do you believe that video games can change the effect that they have on none completely developed children. Do you think that people and the way that they create video games make the child develop badly or is it the parent? People say that certain types of parents will challenge their child and blame it on their favorite objects for them being bad and or negligent parental figures. Do you believe that it can be the kids fault for neglecting his studies because he is playing to many video games? Theoretical gamers believe that the people that play video games all the time are sometimes not even mildly affected by the Meer concept that people believe they might lose certain mental functions from playing a video game. It is proven that all people are supposedly affected in some mental way when it come to video games that there functioning brain cells develop slower when they focus on the virtual reality in some video games. Do you believe that video games really affect the mentality of certain people that play many particular video games? It has been proven that when playing your attitude and aggression spots in your brain have been activated more. The facts have been proven that people co develop more when playing videogames with friends and or family members. Certain families play video games and yet they can and still do their schools work. Particular people play video games and text and it doesn’t affect them at all they still function quite fluently above others. Do you believe that some kids can have video games affect them just by watching other kids and young adults play the vulgar violence blood and gore video games? People described I believe that certain videogames can help you develop mentally and to keep kids entertained and functioning for the next day. Adolescences little brothers and or sister play video games with me and he has better grades than I do so I think that video games do not affect anything. People believe that a video game can mentally keep some people willing to strive but some people can take the video games so seriously there willing to kill themselves if they lose at the virtual life. Do you believe that some children can have video games affect them by interacting reading and or listening to the dialogue of the cut scenes in the video games? In a place of opinion people believe that video games do not affect hildren or and yet still the media have yet to verify the children that have a 4. 0 G. P. A and are very successful at life and in adulthood. People believe that they can also develop from the violent necessities of the video game world and people believe it keeps you in virtual contact. It has been stated by many that if u do not let the game get to serious than you will not be affected by the perceived stat istics of the video game world. Do your really believe that video games can affect the way that you excel in school or develop in mental methods. People believe that It depends where your opinion come from when you develop your choice on having video games or not. â€Å"It is perceived that the average teen video game player plays video more than 5 hours a day† (Norcia, Andrea 18). people are believed to have developed also the concept that besides causing kid s to slip up in school it can also affect their eyes because kids get closer to the television to interact more. Certain people that play video games believe that it actually does affect your eyes after long periods of time. Other people believe that video games are one of the most accurate ways to calm down and settle their mind. It has been described that the simplistic of the video game world have been misunderstood articles. People think that kids actually just like to play video games and nothing affects them at all maybe there eyes but that is it. If children did not have video games I believe that it would make them angered and disappointed that something the adults made for them we be taken from them. It is believed the development of children depends on the way that they raise their child because at delegated times parents will blame their attitude on video games. Do you believe that video games actually affect the mind of a young child? Does video games have anything to do with a kids brain or is it just the child themselves it’s believed to be a type of mental ability that affects the mind of a video game playing child. Will it always be perceived that the children that play video games can actually lose brain cells from different undeveloped digital video games? It is believed by many that video games can be a naughty type of habit or hobby yet people still play video games to fill their virtual hunger for the unreal lust of life. People will always have their own single thought opinions about children and their mental development when playing video games because specific video game playing children react differently to it. Do video games really affect the development of parts in a Childs brain or is it the child? Do video games affect the minds of children or do the children develop their own sense of ignorance. People have played video games for year and have never has any type of damage done to them mentally People believe that they can describe video games as a virtual world of excitement that can make you change your objectives of life into a different type of perspective. Phew gamers agree with the industry on saying that video games can actually affect your stand point when it comes to living life. Do you believe that everything revolves around video when thinking about a kids brain cells or is it just the violence and directive of the video game. Do you believe that video games affect the simple parts of a Childs brain or can it really mentally disable them? Have you ever developed the point in this paper that children need video games so that they can develop more intelligently and learn more things that have life to offer them? People have really developed a life line around the gaming system that all people who play are the same as all the others but we all play different games and we all play for different types of reasons. Do you still believe that video game really affect part of the Childs brain or is that just the way people perceive it to be? Do you really believe that kids can be mentally affected by the virtual game world? (Deepa, Kartha 1) States â€Å"Video games were first introduced in the 1970s and have now become an invariable source of fun and entertainment for children†. (Norcia, Andrea 2) States â€Å"They are a unique form of entertainment, because they encourage players to become a part of the game's script†. Can video games help manual dexterity and can develop different notations on your computer knowledge. So are video games for better or for worse all will they stay or will they leave?

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Health promotion Essay

The 21st century poses vast challenges for public health, with environmental threats, cultural diversity and an ever aging population. The role of health promotion is as important as ever, within this assignment I will look at the issues we face and the techniques used to alter public perception and behaviour. One definition widely highlighted from the World Health Organisation states that health is ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well being’ (WHO 1947). This definition encompasses the indicators of poor health but does seem to view health as something that is quite conventional and static. This can be contrasted to a definition from Parsons who defines health as ‘the state of optimum capacity for an individual for the effective performance of the roles and tasks for which they have been socialised’ (Parsons 1971). Here we are viewing health as something maintained to the standard needed for us to perform our lifestyles. Health promotion is of great apprehension not only for the NHS but also many other groups that are involved in health care such as social, environmental and welfare practices. At its core is the intention of empowering individuals and communities to allow greater control of their health by providing information, education and support. Varying methods and strategies are used to change people’s perceptions of health, with the aim of working toward the creation of stronger communities and improved future health for all. The health belief model emphasises the function of beliefs and perceptions in human decision making. Originally developed by Rosenstock in 1966 it looks to predict patterns in health behaviour, such as willingness to partake in vaccinations and act upon health advice. It suggests that the factors that govern an individual changing their behaviour are based around an assessment  of how feasible change is and the benefits provided. It puts forward the idea that people need relevance or a trigger to initiate decision making (Naidoo, Wills 1994). This model incorporates Bandura’s concept of self-efficacy. This suggests that an individual must believe they have the capability and insight to see an intended behaviour change through (Bandura 1991). The empowerment model seeks to expand the individual’s capability to control their own health. This model facilitates a move toward change by building an individual’s sense of worth and identity, allowing them to indentify their own health concerns (Naidoo, Wills 1994). It aims to develop decision making and problem solving skills, giving the individual the tools needed to see changes through with independent thought and action. This model can be very effective for young people who sometimes struggle to make independent decisions and are susceptible to peer and environmental pressures. There is a strong relationship between employment and health. The main negative being occupational ill health, this can be an issue for many people working within manual job roles, as well as people working in stressful high pressure environments. It’s shown that having little or no control over work processes and being in lower positions can contribute to ill health (Marmot et al 2006). Unemployment is of a greater risk to ill health than employment, moving people into work can be seen as a health promotion in its own right. Employment brings higher living standards, more disposable income, improved confidence and wellbeing. Gender is still a large determinant, men generally work in more manual roles and take poorer care of their health overall. Loosing work can actually double the risk of a middle aged man dying within the following five years. Evidently there are strong links between employment and men’s wellbeing. Men over the age of 65 are also three and a half times more at risk of developing coronary heart disease than women (DH, 1998). Men’s life expectancy still lags behind that of women and within Europe there are large inequalities in life expectancy. These differences are greatest in men, where as the difference between the best and worst countries for male life expectancy is 17 years, for women it is 12 (BBC, 2013). Clearly there ar e health inequalities within gender that need to be addressed. The promotional campaign stoptober is clearly targeted toward working classes; the majority of the subjects pictured are in uniforms that are associated with lower paid roles. There is evidence to  suggest that smoking related deaths are higher amongst poorer social classes (ASH, 2006). The branding used is very simple and appeals to people’s logic through the use planning, note making and goals toward quitting. This appeals to the individual and gives a greater sense of empowerment and personal involvement in the process of creating change. The campaign seems to utilise the stages of change model, the process is broken down into stages and encourages involvement in the planning process. Initially encouraging the participant to write down why they are taking part (contemplation) and then take part in a planning process (preparing to change) along with accepting extra support (Prochaska, DiClemente 1992). Evidence from studies shows that when people are involved in a planning process there is a higher probability they will succeed (McLeod, Clark 1993). There is no mention of the harms of smoking and shock tactics are not used. Raising awareness of the dangers is clearly not enough and more personal tactics are used. With addictive habits highlighting the negative consequences does not seem to help create behavioural change, clearly ‘short term gratification is a greater incentive than long term harm’ (Nanidoo, Wills, 1996, pg 182). There is a very collaborative feel behind the promotional material with comments like ‘you’re not in this alone’ and ‘were with you all the way’. There is clear intent to show that the task of quitting is achievable and by anyone. As Bandura states ‘seeing people similar to oneself succeed by sustained effort raises observers beliefs that they too possess the capabilities to succeed’ (Bandura 1994). This is clearly a core strategy of this campaign, when we see someone succeeding this helps to increase own self efficacy. Health has broad range of definitions and many see health as an all encompassing ideal state. Some however acknowledge that a functional state of health can be achieved despite the presence of illness or disease. The role of health promotion is to help people work towards their personal health potential, at the same time reducing the strain on services. With the recent rises in poverty there is clearly demand for new and effective health promotions. Stoptober meets these needs well by using tried and tested health promotion techniques. It is an effective and socially relevant campaign and last years figures of ‘160 000’ quitters speaks volumes on its success. Word count 1100 References ASH (2006) Major Online Mapping Project Shows ‘Iron Chain’ Between Smoking and Deprivation http://www.ash.org.uk/media-room/press-releases/major-online-mapping-project-shows-iron-chain-between-smoking-and-deprivation. (Accessed 02/11/13) Bandura, A. (1991). Self-efficacy mechanism in physiological activation and preventing behaviours. Cambridge University press Bandura, A. (1995). Self-efficacy in changing societies. Cambridge University Press BBC (2013) European men lag behind in life expectancy. (Online). Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21760905 (Accessed 03/11/13) Boseley,S. (2006) Iron chain links smoking and poverty. Guardian. Available at: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2006/oct/09/smoking.socialexclusion (accessed 02/11/13) Current Nursing. (2012) Stages of change model (Online): Available at: http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/transtheoretical_model.html Davidson, N. Lloyd, T. (2001) Promoting Men’s Health: A guide for practitioners. Harcourt Publishers Naidoo, J. Wills, J. (1994) Health Promotion: Foundations for practice. London. Bailliere Tindall Marmot,M. Wilkinson, R. (2006) Social Determinants of Health, 2nd Edition. Oxford. Oxford University Press. NHS, Smokefree. (2013). Sto ptober. (Online).Available at: http://www. http://smokefree.nhs.uk/stoptober/. (Accessed 25/10/13) NHS, Smokefree (2013) Stoptober (leaflet) (Accessed 14/10/13) Ogden, J. (2012) Health Phychology: A Textbook. Berkshire. Open University Press. Prochaska J, DiClemente C, Norcross, J (1992). In search of how people change: Applications to Addictive Behaviours. American Psychologist, Vol. 47, No 9 Tones, K. Tilford, S. (2001) Health promotion: Effectiveness, efficiency and equity. Cheltenham. Nelson Thornes WHO, (2013). World Health Organisation. (Online).Available at: http://www.who.int/en/. (Accessed 23/10/13)

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Football Coach

Football Coach As the sun rises to its highest peak of the day, the local high school team starts heading to the dry dirt filled football field. As the athletes make their way to the field the dust rises and the smell of the soil hits their nose. The athletes continuing their daily ritual, get into their usual formations and start their warm ups. The head coach, Shane Cox, walks around and initiates small talk with the players. Shane Cox inherited the head position at Fairfax High School in 1999. He turned around a football program that hasn’t won a single football game in two years; Shane Cox has won two Los Angeles Division II City Championships in the past decade. Serving for more than 13 years, Coach Cox has contributed a lot of his time and effort into this program at Fairfax High School. A high school coach has to work additional hours during the sports season. This can result in a work week over 40 hours. Working nights, holidays, evenings and weekends are common for high school coaches. A high school coach has to be prepared to work in bad weather and be willing to travel with the team to different locations for games. They also run the risk of injury due to being on the sidelines during sports games. Although Coach Cox’s accomplishments for coaching are impressive, his accomplishments off the field are impressive as well. A football coach’s job is to not only improve his player athletically, but as a person as well.

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Mr Rana

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION FORM SEPTEMBER 2013 ENTRY This is not an application for admission. To obtain admission application information, please visit http://futurestudents. yorku. ca. Current York students applying for Delayed Entry (Year 2) should complete a BBA Delayed Entry Application form and attach it to this Supplementary Information Form. Information packages for Delayed Entry are available at W262P, Seymour Schulich Building. All candidates must submit a completed Supplementary Information Form to the Schulich School of Business by the applicable deadline date indicated on this form. York Reference Number: Program Choice: 13127592 (9 digit code sent by York Admissions) ? Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) ? International Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA) Which category are you applying for? (Check only ONE): ? 1st-year Entry applicants. Submit this Supplementary Form by February 6, 2013. ? 2nd year (Delayed Entry) applicants. Submit this Supplementary Form by March 14, 2013. Personal Details Rana Zeeshan 01 09 95 Surname First Name Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) Address / / ? Male ? Female 388 E2- Wapda Town Punjab 54810 Country Province/State Pakistan Postal Code/Zip Code Current or most recent Educational InstitutionLahore Grammar School City and Province/State of Institution Lahore, Punjab Protection of Privacy: Personal information in connection with this form is collected under the authority of The York University Act, 1965. The information will be used to process your application and upon registration and enrolment, will form part of your student record at the Schulich School of Business. If you have any questions about the collection of this information by York University, please contact: Manager Information Service, 99 Ian MacDonald Blvd. , York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario – Canada, M3J 1P3, 416. 36. 5000 York Reference Number: 213127592 Initials: Z. Rana Schulich Supplementary Information Form for Septemb er 2013 ______________________________________________________________________ INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THIS FORM The purpose of the Supplementary Information Form is to help us determine the candidate’s leadership potential, communication skills and well-rounded approach to education. †¢ Leadership Profile and answers to essay questions must be typed in the space provided. Include your York reference number and initials at the top of each page.Do not send originals of certificates, ribbons, projects, etc. The Schulich School of Business cannot return any submitted materials. Do not send photographs, videos or audiotapes. Waiver Please read carefully, sign and date. WAIVER – A clear sense of academic honesty and responsibility is fundamental to good scholarship. Conduct that violates the ethical or legal standards of the University community will result in automatic disqualification. I hereby certify that the information provided in this applica tion and in any material filed with this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.The Leadership Profile and Essay responses are completed by me. I understand that the misrepresentation of this information is grounds for the Schulich School of Business to cancel my admission to, or registration at the University. I have read all the text carefully and am making this my one and final submission. Signature Date Submission of your Supplementary Information Form Incomplete forms will not be processed. Please review the â€Å"Checklist for Submission† below. Once completed, print all pages of the Supplementary Information Form and submit it to the address below by the applicable deadline date indicated on page one.It is recommended that your Supplementary Information Form be submitted prior to the deadline date. Limited space is available in our programs. Please send your completed supplementary information form (in person or by mail) to: Undergraduate Program s Unit Division of Student Services and International Relations Schulich School of Business, Room W262 York University 4700 Keele Street Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3 CANADA CHECKLIST for Submission ? Personal Information ? Leadership Profile ? Three Essay Questions ? Signed Waiver ? I have a copy (for my own record) of my completed Supplementary Information Form ?Explanation for why you have repeated a course(s) (if applicable) 2 York Reference Number: 213127592 Initials: Z. Rana Submission of your Academic Documentation All other information, including academic transcripts, language proficiency test scores, address changes, etc. , must be sent to the York University Admissions and not to the Schulich School of Business. The Schulich School of Business cannot be held responsible for forwarding your documents to York Admissions. Please mail any academic documentation directly to: York University Office of Admissions Bennett Centre for Student Services 99 Ian MacDonald Blvd Toronto, ON M3 J 1P3 CANADAConfirmation of Receipt Confirmation of receipt of your Supplementary Information Form can be checked on â€Å"MyFile† at http://www. yorku. ca/myfile. Due to high volume, it may take approximately 14 business days from receipt (by the Schulich School of Business) of a Supplementary Information Form, for â€Å"MyFile† to be updated. We appreciate your understanding that we are dealing with a sustained high volume of applications from December through February, and may not be able to provide receipt confirmation via telephone or e-mail. For tracking purposes, applicants may send their Supplementary Information Form via courier rather than general mail.Leadership Profile Instructions & Example Complete Leadership Profile using the space provided below on Page 4 and Page 5 (please type). List any extracurricular activities and/or community involvement that you participated in during the last two calendar years. (i. e. 2011 and 2012). Examples include student c lubs, events, organizations, band, sports, competitions, conferences, volunteer work, community service, paid employment, etc. Include activities where you made an impact. Include contact details for a referee, as we will contact them as deem necessary.Referees will be able to confirm the information that you have indicated on the form and holds a position that oversees or is responsible for the activity. EXAMPLE: Activity (include your role/position) Referee Contact Info (name, role, email, phone) Mr. John Doe Teacher [email  protected] com 123-456-7890 Description of activity (125 word limit) Chosen by my school to be a delegate at the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations. At the conference, I debated global issues. I represented Sweden and learned about the challenges in the European economy. I met and worked with students from across Canada and it helped me improve my communication skills.Participant, Model United Nations 3 York Reference Number: 213127592 Initials: Z. R ana Leadership Profile Activity (include your role/position) Referee Contact Info (name, role, email, phone) Description of responsibilities (125 word limit) NASA Space School : July 2011 Muhammad Ali Lecturer (Chemistry) +92 321 8859967 ali. mughal. [email  protected] ail. com I attended the NASA Space School in Houston, Texas during my summer holidays. I was elected by the school administration as the team leader of my school’s team. The program was based on engineering tasks focusing on NASA’s Mars exploration program.One of the most difficult tasks given to us was to build a rover. As team leader, I strategically spent our entire budget to buy all the available wheels but my strategy paid dividends as later on; we were able to sell them to other teams at a profit. This allowed us to buy more resources which led us to our victory. We were successful and were awarded medals of excellence. Activity (include your role/position) Referee Contact Info (name, role, email , phone) Description of responsibilities (125 word limit) Saved Life; Personal leadership Mrs Humera Saved person email: none +923227454321Hundreds of homes were destroyed in the floods that hit Pakistan in 2011. I still can't forget the traumatizing sights of my village where i saw a distressed woman with her new born child crying in her arms with two little children by her side. She had nowhere to go since the roof of her hut had collapsed. I took her to the camp that was created to provide aid and facilities to the affected. This time was very significant for me as I learnt how unpredictable life is. So many people wouldn’t have predicted becoming homeless and helpless with the entire course of their lives changed.I discovered the pleasure of contributing back to the society and those in need which made me realize the significance of volunteer work Activity (include your role/position) Referee Contact Info (name, role, email, phone) Description of responsibilities (125 wor d limit) Fund Raising; Head of Department of Social Events. & Editor-In-Chief of Eye on Lahore Zair Zahir Manger at Next Generation Pakistan [email  protected] com +923234950392 When Punjab suffered from flooding, I organised a convincing campaign under Next Generation Pakistan to facilitate the flood victims.I was heading the department of Social Events which was responsible for arranging various events in the form of fundraisers. This was a great responsibility. I allowed creativity within my team where everyone had the autonomy to brainstorm and reach their maximum potential. It was a success for we collected Rs. 6. 2 million. Soon Eye on lahore, the first ever Pakistani internet youth portal, was launched. Being its Editor-In-Chief, this successful entrepreneurial venture promptedme even more to pursue IBBA and examine the standard framework of how people capitalise on investments. 4York Reference Number: 213127592 Initials: Z. Rana Leadership Profile Activity (include your ro le/position) Referee Contact Info (name, role, email, phone) Description of responsibilities (125 word limit) Youth Advocacy Network (YAN): Volunteer from January 2010 to 2012 Sadia Sarfraz Head of Volunteer Deapartment [email  protected] com +923134904445 In my role as a volunteer for the Youth Advocacy Network (YAN), I was responsible for educating the youth of Lahore about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and organize an awareness campaign regarding the issue of drug addiction drug.Our awareness campaign over this issue has been our most successful work. We had made a documentary portraying the after effects of using drugs. My job was to carry out the necessary interviews in the documentary. To take our campaign to the next level, I decided to do something about the growing trend of underage smoking in our community. After discussing it with other club members, I lodged a police complaint against a local shop owner who sold cigarettes to underage smokers. Activity (include your role/position) Referee Contact Info (name, role, email, phone)Description of responsibilities (125 word limit) Lahore Grammar School Mathematics Society President. August 2012 to 2013 Mr Amjad Iqbal Maths Department Head at Lahore Grammar School [email  protected] mail. com +923334200945 This year I was nominated as the Math's Society President of my school. As the President of the Math's society I also had the privilege of organising a large-scale inter school mathemaics contest called â€Å"Parakration†, I was responsible for collecting sponsors, organizing the statistical data of over 700 participants and managing finances. The mammoth budget of Rs 1. 0 million required ample planning with resource allocation. This experience taught me how to handle money effectively and made me realize the importance of time management. Also, I was amongst the top pool of International Mathematics Kangroo Competition, ranking 29th nationwide. Activity (include your role/position) R eferee Contact Info (name, role, email, phone) Description of responsibilities (125 word limit) Play by LGS JT, Marketting Manager Tayyab Shafiq I was a part of a crew for a play. I was working back stage and I realized the importance of letting go of personal interests and give way to theProduction Manager greater solidarity of the group to achieve the set goals. I was responsible for marketing and publicity and it required enough effort to [email  protected] c maintain effective communication between all the group members for om the smooth execution of tasks. Effective communication was pivotal to crisis management and conflict resolving. I contributed in designing +923338440248 publicity tools and advertisements along with reaching out to various schools in Lahore to attend the play. 5 York Reference Number: 213127592 Initials: Z. Rana Essay Questions 250 word limit for each response) A) Tell us why you want to study at the Schulich School of Business. As it is my firm belief t hat businesses can truly flourish if their internal structuring is sound, my hope is to provide in-house, economic and efficient solutions to Pakistani businesses to streamline their day-to-day operations. Therefore, I need a very rigorous specialized, academic and professional undergraduate degree in business studies for the realization of my ambitions. Schulich School of Buisness provides just that perfect blend for honing my personality.It provides an excellent academic curriculum and also plays an extremely pivotal role in nurturing professional skills. The dense network of Schulich graduates in the business world will give me direct access to the top businessmen, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and economists. Furthermore, the school's exchange program is another reason why i wish to study here. In this extensively interconnected world that we live in, an exchange term would open for me a global range of career opportunities where I will be able to experience the diverse cul ture and business environment of different societies.Moreover, the city of Toronto, as a radiant international social hub also appeals greatly to the passionate learner in me. I truly believe that polishing my skills from a university known for its mastery in buisness would propel me to enormous heights in my career and I am certain that if given the chance, I would give my very best to the program and prove myself a valuable asset to this prestigious institution. B) In an interview by a prestigious journalist, you’ve been asked to share your deepest thoughts on what motivates and shapes your leadership style and deep desire to succeed.How would you respond? I have come to believe that life is leadership. To see it any other way would be a fallacy. Think about it. We live, so we lead our lives. And if we are not doing this, we are drifting into oblivion. To lead ourselves and consequently others, we must also follow – these are two sides of the same coin. We can follow our own ego or what others say, blindly; or we can choose to act wisely by deeply reflecting on what we observe, hear and experience. We need to relate these findings with the immutable laws of nature that govern life, before drawing any firm conclusions.We grow in understanding and vision only when we become acutely conscious and aware of self, of others and of our environment. This ever-expanding awareness is the crucible where the sense of personal leadership begins to take root. You and I represent the zenith of a very long journey of humanity. In this context, I would define success as us being a vital part of this dramatically choreographed continuum in which we learn and share freely, with passion and with responsibility, all along, desiring the best for ourselves and for others, in terms of the abundance life offers.What has shaped my thinking on leadership is the thought that as we grow in awareness and see more clearly, our responsibility increases – responsibility to not only benefit from our rich global heritage, but also to inspire others through our everyday decisions and actions. If continuous learning, living and sharing is not the essence of leadership, I wonder what is! 6 York Reference Number: 213127592 Initials: Z. Rana Please answer either question (C) or (D) C) Select two leaders – one you admire greatly and one you do not. Briefly outline why you see them as leaders, and why you admire one and not the other.D) Recently, the role of corporations in society has evolved to take a more extended view of corporate citizenship, acknowledging and actively engaging in political roles. What do you think should be the role of multinational corporations in rehabilitating the areas stricken by Hurricane Sandy? Please critically discuss the process and social impacts of these multinational enterprises working as non-government organizations. Indicate essay choice: ?C or ?D Well I would go with more unconventional leader. One that I admi re would be my friend who is the president of a local chapter of an international society called AIESEC.I admire his leadership style because he leads by example. Setting standards for his subordinates and yet being humble at the same time. He provides a role model for his team members and guides them to get the specific goals and tasks that he assigns them. The channel of communication is smooth as he takes time out for every member and makes sure that he knows what’s going on in their personal lives hence establishing a very informal and personal connection. I have rarely focused my attention on those whom I do not admire. I believe that such an endeavor serves no purpose.We can and should keep our eyes open to learning from all those we come across. When we witness evil deeds, we realize the value of good. All human beings have potential for good and evil. Our job as leaders is not to harbor prejudice against any individual or group. Instead, we need to behave in ways that increases the likelihood in others of the good within them to surface and flourish. In my view, the root of all evil is our ignorance. Only the light of knowledge can illuminate our minds and hearts to the right path – a path that inspires all that is good in us.However the leader that I won't like to follow would be my football team captain. He has a more commanding leadership style where he doesn’t like criticism & works as a one man-army which affects the team equillibrium. Please provide an explanation for any repeated course(s) Thank you for your interest in the Schulich School of Business! Please check your MyFile account at http://www. yorku. ca/myfile for the status of your application. Schulich does not offer early admission. The first round of offers will be sent in March. GOOD LUCK! 7

Application of Leiningers theory to the Muslim Client

Application of Leiningers theory to the Muslim Client According to Madeleine Leininger, care is the essence and the central, unifying, and dominant domain to characterize nursing (Leininger, 1984). To Leininger, â€Å"care and culture were inextricably linked together and could not be separated in nursing care actions and decisions† (Leininger, 1988, p. 153). Her theory of cultural care diversity and universality proves particularly useful in giving care in multicultural societies such as Canada where clients from non Anglo-Saxon origins have different interpretations of care and whose strict cultural beliefs, religion makes it impossible for minimal or no acculturation of nursing care of the dominant culture. The conservative Muslim client is unique in the sense that no matter where he or she comes from, Islam dictates how the client is supposed to live their life. Embedded in Islam is what care means. Nevertheless, it is important for nurses to be cognizant of the fact that Muslims have different origins and thus different cul tures. This paper explores what some of these care practices are in Islam and how Leininger’s modes of nursing care can be used in providing culturally congruent care. Leininger conceptualizes that there are two kinds of care that exist in every culture and are important to nursing care. These are generic and professional care. Generic care is the naturalistic local, folk and familiar home care practices whereas professional care in contrast is cognitively learned, practiced and transmitted knowledge learned through formal and informal professional nursing schools (Leininger, 1991). For a nurse to provide culturally competent care the two types of care have to be in unison. In which case, the ultimate goal is to link and synthesize generic and professional care to benefit the client. Leininger developed the sunrise model to help nurses visualize components of the theory influencing human care. The model conceptually depicts the worldview, cultural and social structure dimensi ons which influence generic and professional care which in turn influences nursing care actions and decisions. The nursing care actions and decisions include cultural preservation, accommodation and repatterning. Wehbe-Alamah, Lawrence, Rozmus and Luna all agree that a nurse’s knowledge of the basic tenets of Islam is important in providing culturally congruent care to the client. They also caution that since Muslim’s originate from different places and thus different cultural backgrounds it is imperative that Muslim’s are not treated as a homogenous group. It becomes important that in addition to knowing the tenets of Islam, the nurse inquires about the folk practices of the patient. Also all articles point to Leininger’s nursing modes of repatterning, accommodation and preservation as effective methods in achieving culturally congruent care. Wehbe-Alamah relies on the research of others as well as descriptive sources in providing what care means in Isla m while Lawrence and Rozmus rely on the Koran, the Hadith and modern interpretations of those writings as their source. Luna on the other hand conducts a study in which she analyzes the meanings and experiences of care of immigrant Lebanese Muslims living in a large Midwest urban community in the US. She explores the meaning of care in the clinic, community and clinic context. Narayanasamy’s study on how nurses respond to cultural needs also cautions that nurses must be careful in stereotyping people of the same religion since their cultural needs might be different.

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Scientific Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Scientific Writing - Essay Example Obakata and many of her co-authors are part of the research teams of the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan. Other Riken researches, however, tried to replicate Obakata’s study and did not find supporting evidence. As a result, it launched an investigation that proved that the research has serious data flaws. Obakata has retracted these two papers from Nature because of allegations of changing data and plagiarism. An investigating committee has found her guilty of fabricating and falsifying data, and she now faces potential dismissal from Riken and losing her doctorate degree. The investigating committee discovered that Obakata may be involved in falsifying and fabricating data. The committee noted that when they studied the DNA images of Obakata’s work, one DNA was spliced from two DNAs. The head of the committee, Shunsuke Ishii, stated: â€Å"The manipulation was used to improve the appearance of the results† (Sample, 2014). Obokata insisted that she only wanted to improve the clarity of the image and not to change the data itself (Sample, 2014). Changing DNA images suggests falsifying data results. In addition, Obakata fabricated data when data inconsistencies are found in her work. She told her co-researcher Teruhiko Wakayama that the green fluorescent protein (GFP) that they used to tag changes in expression of experimental gene is on the 15th chromosome (Cyranoski, 2014). Wakayama tested the mice and found the STAP cells through the GFP in the 18th chromosome (Cyranoski, 2014). Furthermore, the committee noted that Obakata reused data from her dissertation, which also means that she falsified her research by including data that were not part of her original research (Japan Times, 2014). Fabricating and falsifying data are serious accusations, though Obakata stressed that she did not change or add anything to her data (Cyranoski, 2014). Apart from data falsification and

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The Bean Trees Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Bean Trees - Essay Example merican parental rights and issues related to a psychological realm often operated within the context of myriad literary age concerned with the coming of an age is handled uniquely and brilliantly in the novel. Coming of an age which is quite interlinked with the themes of transition, metamorphosis and advancement of growing time or approach of old age is the central theme of many texts. The plot of the â€Å"The Bean Trees† demands a unique representation of the theme. The â€Å"Bildungsroman† or coming of an age is typical of a genre which focuses on the psychological development of the protagonist that comes with the maturity of his or her growing chronological age too. The genre of the novel also speaks about the quest for an answer or experience quite evident through the life of the protagonist of â€Å"The Bean Trees†. The genre also presents a conflict between the sensitive person and the society in which he lives and this conflict gives oxygen to the development of the plot. In â€Å"The Bean Trees†, Taylor with her trajectory in her old bug learns new phase of life with weird experiences of getting a baby child to meeting Mattie, who is an ocean of wisd om in terms of perceiving life. The plot, character portrayal, theme, setting and language of the novel from the outset represents the sound and hue of Kentucky life. The trajectory of Taylor, the protagonist of the novel and her meeting with the baby girl whom she names Turtle builds not only the plot of the novel but at every stage, her encounter with new people and their life style displays a set of colourful characters. The syntax and the language of the novel are quite lucid and full of colloquial terminologies launches the novel almost into a paradigm of folklore. The discovery of motherhood is almost like encountering an accident by carefree, independent, young girl named Taylor and her story of love, friendship, abandonment and sudden revelation of resources that are surprising in an area which